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which cd?

hi everyone. i'm the newbie. quick question. i've been craving to listen to some elliott smith music lately but i have absolutely none of his cds. i want to go get one, could you recommend one?

i'm thinking about seeking out the one with "pitseleh" or "morning after" on it. of course i don't really know which cds those are on either.
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i've been listening to elliott's final album from a basement on the hill for a few days now nonstop. it reminds me a lot of jeff buckley's sketches for..., breaking away from his previous efforts or just breaking all together. put together by other people. a beautiful muddle.

my favourite songs:
a fond farewell
last hour
let's get lost
king's crossing

[mostly the quiet ones, just his solitary plucking without the layered soundscapes, louder guitars and heavy beatles influences].

it's really hard to listen to. gone are the lost love lyrics. all of his words seems to reference drugs and isolation more than ever.

one hit wouldn't hurt a bit


i've been thinking of the things that i missed
situations that i passed up for this


veins full of disappearing ink
vomiting in the kitchen sink
disconnecting from the missing link

new member. yep.

Hey everbody here.

I am:
new to this community
elliott smith fan (go figure)
in computer class now
annoyed with the hair in my eyes
missing my badly drawn boy cd

So anyways, I just wanted to say hi and I hope everyone's at least having a relatively decent day.


L.A., 02/01

Hey, if anyone still reads this community!

I saw Elliott on Saturday night in L.A. I'm seriously worried about him. He seemed so strung out and disoriented. He kept fucking up on guitar and his voice was cracking and he couldn't remember some of the songs. It was nice to hear him play things I haven't heard live before, like "The Enemy is You" and "Miss Misery," and he did a great cover of "Supersonic" by Oasis, but I'm just kind of concerned.
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just a hello

howdy, fellow LJ kidz! :) i'm renae, i'm relatively new to LJ land, but i've been doing my own thing here for a while now. this past week or so, i've stumbled upon some interesting-sounding communities, so i thought i'd take a second to say hello!

i've been starved for intellectual discourse these past few weeks... save me from the boredom of it all? *L*

i'll spare you the gory self-details... if you want to know about me, you'll check my LJuserinfo :) i just thought i'd let ya know who the new kid is, since i'm sure i'll be chipping in my two cents' worth. :)