101 Damnations (rely23) wrote in questionmark,
101 Damnations

just a hello

howdy, fellow LJ kidz! :) i'm renae, i'm relatively new to LJ land, but i've been doing my own thing here for a while now. this past week or so, i've stumbled upon some interesting-sounding communities, so i thought i'd take a second to say hello!

i've been starved for intellectual discourse these past few weeks... save me from the boredom of it all? *L*

i'll spare you the gory self-details... if you want to know about me, you'll check my LJuserinfo :) i just thought i'd let ya know who the new kid is, since i'm sure i'll be chipping in my two cents' worth. :)
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yay thanks so much for joining! you will soon find out that this community sucks (yes, i am the founder! haha)...no one ever posts! :( i hate it! but hopefully you can help us out! hehe!
hey... don't i know you from... janet-land? ;)
hehehe oops!
i didn't even realize! ;)
it's awright... just means we both rock just that much more! ;)
hell yeah!